What are the best beaches to visit in Tulum?

Find the best beaches in Tulum

The beaches in Tulum are among the most beautiful in Mexico, with turquoise waters and white sand, you can find different options to have a great time. 

Whether to spend a quiet day lying on the beach taking a sunbath or exploring the colorful reefs while scuba diving. The climate in Tulum is perfect almost the whole year, so it won’t be difficult to get a perfect time on the beach. Also, most of them have easy access to tourists, either you go walking, by bicycle or get a private shuttle from Cancun to Tulum

In case you don’t know which one to visit, here you can find the top beaches in Tulum where you must make a stop. 

people walking on seashore during daytime

Playa Paraíso

Playa Paraiso is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the Riviera Maya and best place to stay in Tulum, with clear waters of different shades of turquoise blue and white sand. Located just one kilometer from the Tulum ruins, Playa Paraiso has the perfect balance between luxury and nature.

Despite being a public beach, it is not so crowded since it is surrounded by the Mayan jungle, but you can still find some beach clubs, restaurants and exclusive hotels. Playa Paraiso is also famous because of the leaning palm trees, the favorite for many visitors. 

You can swim on the beach, snorkeling to admire the colorful reefs and turtles or just enjoy the view of the sea, Paradise beach Tulum is the best option to do so. 


Playa Pescadores

Playa Pescadores is the perfect place to relax and disconnect for a while because signal and coverage are not very good so you can get in total contact with nature. Enjoy the tranquility of the area and swim in the crystal clear waters along with the sea turtles.

Playa Pescadores is also popular among snorkeling lovers because of the beautiful and colorful reef and to admire it there are plenty options of tours to get the full experience. This beach is located near the archeological zone, so it won’t be difficult for you to get there. In case you travel with your pet, it is also a good option to have fun by the sea. 


Playa Boca Paila

Playa Boca Paila is located south of Tulum in the Sian ka'an Natural Reserve, which makes it almost a virgin paradise because it is inside a protected natural area. Surrounded by the Mayan jungle, it is explored only by those who have ever ventured into the reserve. Take into consideration that because it is part of a protected area, there are no extra services inside the beach, so you must take your supplies. 

Boca Paila is perfect to disconnect from the crowds and get in harmony with nature, also a good option to fishing and observe a variety of flora and fauna. 

green palm trees on white sand beach during daytime

Playa Santa Fe

Playa Santa Fe is located just next to Playa Paraiso, one kilometer from the archaeological site, so it is an excellent option to visit both attractions. In there you can find different restaurants and services to spend a pleasant day, such as restrooms, showers, even a camping area and cabins for rent if you want to have an adventure experience.

This charming beach is perfect to have a relaxing day and enjoy the pleasant climate. So spread out your tower, enjoy the brilliant waters and sunbathe while reading a good book and listen to your favorite music. 


Playa Maya

Playa Maya is a small beach located very near the archeological zone, so it is perfect for you to go walking if you decide to visit the Mayan ruins first. Since it is not very popular, it is very common to get this beach for yourself depending on the time and day you decide to go. Perfect for just relaxing and enjoying the clear waters and fine sand that invite you to swim and sunbathe without any trouble.


Playa Mirador

Playa Mirador is located between Tulum downtown and Boca Paila, with beautiful landscape of the Caribbean Sea to take great pictures and enjoy the sea breeze. Its peaceful atmosphere is perfect for long walks along the coastline and just disconnects from everything.

Unlike other Tulum beaches, Playa Mirador is pretty rocky in some places, so try to be careful when entering the sea. Do not worry, the whole zone is not like that, there are some non-rocky places where you can enjoy the water without problems. Also, because of the location, you can find some hotels and restaurants to have a more pleasant time. 

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