What do in Tulum: Best things to do in Tulum

The best things to do in Tulum

Located at the south of the Riviera Maya, Tulum is a mystical and Bohemian town perfect for relaxation and to get in contact with nature and Mayan history. Full of activities for all ages to have a great time. From archeological zones and crystal clear waters to yoga classes, here are some things to do in Tulum that you can't miss. Besides, it is super easy to get from the airport, either by bus, cab or a transfer from Cancun to Tulum.

beach in tulum

Go swimming to the beach

Tulum's beaches are some of the most beautiful in the Mexican Caribbean, so spending your day at the beach is a perfect plan. There are many pretty beaches in Tulum, but the most popular are Playa Paraiso and Playa Pescadores, with calm crystal waters and clean white sands. Besides snorkeling and scuba diving, the best thing to do is take a sunbath and just relax on the sand, just don’t forget to use a good sunscreen to avoid any sunburn. 

You can spend the day reading a good book with the Caribbean beach in the background and enjoy the sunset at the end of the day. The sunsets in Tulum are an incredible spectacle. Playa Paraiso is just 7 kilometers from Tulum downtown and you can rent a bike to get there or go walking.


Go to explore the ruins of Cobá

The ruins of Coba are a must on your visit to Tulum to know more about the Mayan Culture. 

In there you can find the Pyramid of Nohoch Mul, a 42 meters high construction known as one of the tallest Mayan pyramids in Mexico, and other small temples, a gallery, even an astronomical observatory. If you are a vivid explorer, you can go to the top of the pyramid and have a spectacular view of the jungle surrounding and the whole area. 

Coba is located approximately 47 kilometers from Tulum and the most convenient option to get there is with a private tour because the roads can be confused for some inexpert 


Visit Sian Ka’an

The visit to Sian Ka'an natural reserve is one of the best things to do, with more than 500,000 hectares that include archaeological ruins, beautiful beaches, mangroves and cenotes that have made it possible to be considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987. 

Sian Ka'an is considered a virgin village since the sensitive biodiversity that inhabits it doesn't allow the presence of urbanization in case it can affect their existence, so just a few communities live in Sian Ka'an and work to preserve the natural environment. You can find there a large species of flora and fauna, such as a hundred birds, jaguars, turtles, manatees, monkeys and more. This natural reserve is located 50 kilometers from Tulum and you can drive yourself there or get a private tour. 


Practice Yoga and Meditation

Tulum is well known as a hotspot for relaxation and to get in contact with nature, what makes it perfect for practicing yoga at sunrise on the different Tulum's beaches. You can find different yoga groups along the coastline, even some hotels offer packages with yoga and meditation classes to recharge energy. 

There are also some options of traditional massages, different ceremonies and Temazcal rituals, that are a steam bath used in traditional medicine.


Swim at the Gran Cenote

The Gran cenote is one of the most beautiful and famous cenotes in Tulum that you cannot miss on your visit. This is a semi-open cenote with caverns to explore and uncovered parts where you can swim and appreciate the daylight. 

The Gran Cenote is located about 4 kilometers from Tulum, on the same road that takes you to the archaeological site of Cobá with plenty of options to get there, either a private tour, bus or car rental. 


Take a photo in the Daniel Popper’s sculpture

Come into the Light is the name of the most famous sculpture in Tulum, a huge 32-feet piece made using local materials by Daniel Popper, that symbolizes the connection with nature. The piece is located at the entry of Ahau Tulum hotel, and Namaste tee house in the hotel zone and is an easy access spot so you can stop and take a photo.

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